Occupational Hazard Prevention

DEMCO has subjected its Prevention System for Occupational Hazard to Legal Audit for the activities of Design, Manufacture, Installation and Maintenance of fire protection through active and passive protection, with the auditing institution Normas y Procesos.
Quality Management - ISO 9001

DEMCO has a System of Quality Management certificate that meets the requirements of ISO 9001 and which covers the activities of design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of fire protection through active and passive protection.
Environment - ISO 14001

DEMCO produced in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner. The environmental management system minimizes any potential harmful effect on the environment, which may be caused by its activities, applying continuous improvement and environmental activities that ensure that the company meets all requirements and regulations.
Health and Safety - OHSAS 18001

DEMCO incorporates OSHAS 18001 certification as perfect tool to establish an adequate safety policy and occupational health. Promoting safe work environments and healthy by providing a framework that enables the organization consistently identify and control its health and safety risks, reduce the potential for accidents, aid law enforcement and improve overall performance.
Official Certifications
DEMCO has the relevant certificates as Maintainance & Installation Company for all types of fire protection facilities, climate control systems and smoke required by law, DEMCO is also registered in the Official Register of Companies Ranked for Public Administration Contracts as a contractor company (K-09) and as a service company (P-5).
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