Smoke & Temperature Control
- Smoke & temperature control systems.

keeps on progress of the fire prevention with the combination of various techniques and different systems, one of the most exciting fields and necessary at this time.

Currently the proper design of a fire protection instalation, begins from the knowledge and consideration of the interactions that take place between different types of firefighting equipment.

One of the most complex and high contention aspects, has always been the interaction between control systems and smoke evacuation with the sprinkler installations. In addition to the technical complexity presented by these instalations. There has always been a broad mutual ignorance on the combination of both techniques. Finally techniques and standards are changing, clearly defining the way in which we must go further.

The smoke control installations are no longer simple deck gates that open when a thermal fuse switch on them. Current control systems and smoke and heat evacuation, are a set of computers that make up a single installation, the Fire Protection.

- Aerator gate

Aerators gate for ventilation and smoke extraction, driven by pneumatic or electrical actuator, comprising perimeter and galvanized socket frame adaptable solution for any type of roof or facade.

The overall design of all security guarantees total watertightness, being centrally evacuated through a drainage channel.

All units include a calibrated bimetal thermal fuse need between 68ºC and 141ºC.

Optionally the sets are also available with the following types of gate and mechanisms;

     -Sandwich panel gates
     -Aluminum simple gate.
     -Polycarbonate cell gate thickness. 10 mm.
     -Electrical drives at 24 V. / 220 V.
     -Gates and sockets with thermal and acoustic insulation.

All supplied and installed equipment, has the CE marking complying with with the strictest requirements of EN 12101-2 (Specification for powered natural smoke and heat extraction)
- Smoke Barriers

Fixed or automated smoke barriers manufactured with continuous fiberglass filaments , chemically woven and smoke resistant.

Average weight of the woven. 450 gr / m².
Thickness: 0.36 mm.

The barrier is fixed horizontally and laterally by angular profiles of galvanized steel and metal fixing studs, or by fixing metal drawers recordable in the case of movable barriers. Barriers modules are joined laterally to each other by fireproof textile adhesive joints. A lower tubular counterweight ensures, together with the supporting structures, stability and strength of the assembly.

Classification D 600 ° able to maintain the integrity of the assembly.
The smoke barrier are designed and tested according to prEN 12101-1:2002
- Cuadros de control CO2

- CO2 Control panels

Control panels for automatic opening in case of failure of exhausting gas equipment  by natural draft.

Emergency manual opening pushbutton.
Option to emergency opening by manual pushbutton and signal detection system.
Steel sheet casing painted red (RAL 3000).
Mechanical indicator open / closed.
Cabinet door with breakable glass window by side hammer.
Automatic opening device via electrical signal (24V.)

Breaking through the front glass by using the side hammer.
Press the open button, the mechanical hammer will drill the CO2 blister and will pressurize the air line to the aerators.
Manual reset and replace the CO2 bottle.

In case of emergency signal connection (24 V) this signal will trigger the CO2 content of the bottle and release its contents to the air line and opening the equipments. Manual reset and replacing the CO2 bottle.
- Cuadros de control

- Control panels

Electro-pneumatic control panels able to combine different types of signals and aerators maneuver depending on the scope of each instalation:

Smoke evacuation maneuver in case of fire: open and close manually or automatically through the Fire Protection System.

Manual opening emergency pushbutton.

Daily natural ventilation maneuver, in combination with other automatic ventilation, temperature sensors, humidity, etc..

Control of all the aerators in one or several areas of aerator performance, and automatic smoke barriers controlling.

Equipped with UPS, batteries and accumulators reservation that provide more than 72 h. autonomy.

Option to automatic opening vents through other types of signals, compatible with air conditioning systems and connection to centralized systems.

Equipped with rain sensor outside and internal module to ensure the closure of the aerators in case of rain.

The signal fire always gives priority to any other or fan failure alarm.

Front neumatic mushroom button for exclusive maneuvering emergency equipment.
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