Passive protection
Both the Technical Building Code and the Fire Safety Regulations in industrial establishment state that the Passive Fire Protection is a key element when it comes to design and deliver any kind of building. Sectorization conditions inside and outside, and the evacuation of the buildings can only be guaranteed when the passive protection is particularly well designed and well executed.

DEMCO offers all passive protection solutions, with the guarantee of its exclusive dedication to the Fire Protection.
- Structural Protection

     Protection of pillars and beams with fireproof panels
     Protection of pillars and beams with rockwool panels
     Protection of structures by spraying mortars
     Protection of structures with intumescent coatings
- Sealing of penetrations and protection of electrical cable

Sealing of cable trays and firewalls

The joint application of rockwool panel and fire-resistant coating, in the conditions provided by the manufacturers, produce the same conditions of fire resistance in cable trays as using room divider.

The application of fire-resistant coating every few meters, allows making firewall in great lengths of cable in tunnels. Preventing the spread of fire.
Plate system for creation of fire resistant duct

Eventually, it is possible through closed ducts fireproof panels, inside of which run the cable tray, thus forming a separate fire sector.

Intumescent sealing pads for cable trays passing

When frequent changes are expected in the wires or hollow passing of electrical installations, application of intumescent pads saves time and replacement costs, as they may withdraw, make the necessary changes and reinstall them, thus keeping the fire resistance.
Intumescent flanges in flamable pipes

Plastic pipes and derivatives are combustible, and in fire conditions they become a dangerous transmission point of smoke, heat, etc.

The intumescent flanges embrace installed flamable pipes at its junction with the passing between sectors. When fire acts, and the pipe begins to melt, the material expands and choke the passing of the pipe, thus sealing the hollow and preventing the escape of heat, smoke and gases.
Ventilation ducts

     Fibrosilicate plate system
     Rigid rockwool panel system
     Intumescent Grilles
     Fire dampers
Ceilings and floors protection

Fibrosilicate plate system
     Mortars projection in steel decking forge
     Intumescent grilles
Compartmentalization and stripes meeting with decks and facade

     Metal cladding on enclosure
     Registration risers in service facilities
     Fire dampers for fire compartmentation of sectors
     Fire doors
     Encounters fibrosilicate panel or rockwool
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