Gas detection

- Electrochemical Detectors

Traditionally applied in the detection of Oxygen and Toxic gases, providing low cost solutions and a variety of applications.

- Semiconductor detectors

Semiconductor technology has been applied mainly in the domestic market of the detectors and in recent years has begun to penetrate the industrial market. The manufacturers of this type of detectors have been finding new applications for them.

The semiconductor detectors has as outstanding characteristic feature being gas detectors of lower cost than those available on the market.
- Thermal conductivity detectors

Thermal conductivity detectors are known to employ this technology to determine the concentration of a known gas in a mixture of two gases. They are particularly useful for measurements involving high thermal conductivity gas or inert gas type (argon, helium, etc.).

- Catalytic detectors

Catalytic technology has traditionally been applied in the detection of combustible gases in industrial plants, constituting a well established and low cost method. However, in recent years, this technology has been the competence of infrared technology in many applications because its advantages in some cases may be crucial as it is insensitive to chemicals that are catalyst poisons for detectors, making them disable.
- Infrared Detectors

Infrared technology is currently the largest item in the European market for gas detectors for industrial application

Point Infrared Detectors

The main advantages of point gas detectors which use infrared technology is its optical system capacity that is not affected by poisons that may shorten their life and impede their operation, unlike what happened in the catalytic detectors described above.

Open Path Infrared Detectors ("Infrared Barriers")

Its main application is the detection of flammable gases, although it also has been developed for detection of toxic gases.

Open path detectors represent an ideal solution for perimeter protection of storage areas or liquefied gas, oil platforms, tunnels, pipelines, production facilities perimeters (to detect the gas access to any road, building or outdoor installation to them) etc.., complementing the classical point detection and offering low maintenance costs and, above all, installation.
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